mor|ti|fy «MR tuh fy», verb, -fied, -fy|ing.
1. to wound (a person's feelings); make (a person) feel humbled and ashamed; humiliate: »

He mortified his parents with his bad behavior.

SYNONYM(S): chagrin, embarrass. See syn. under ashamed. (Cf.ashamed)
2. to overcome (bodily desires and feelings) by pain and going without things: »

The saint mortified his body.

3. to cause (a part of the body) to become affected with gangrene or necrosis.
4. Obsolete. to reduce in strength or force; weaken.
1. to become gangrenous; die or decay: »

The injured foot has mortified and must be amputated. We had…their fingers and toes to thaw, and take care of, lest they should mortify and fall off (Daniel Defoe).

2. to overcome bodily desires and feelings by pain and going without things: »

Imagine him mortifying with his barrel of oysters in dreary solitude (Jane Austen).

[< Old French mortifier < Latin mortificare to kill, subdue < mors, mortis death + facere make]
mor´ti|fi´er, noun.
mor´ti|fy|ing|ly, adverb.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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